LPG vs Petrol Engine

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Today we will learn about main difference between LPG vs Petrol powered engine. We know that both petrol and LPG are used as fuel in SI engine. Mainly SI engine are power by petrol but due to low cost of LPG and negligible effect on power, most of people convert their Petrol Power engine into LPG power engine.

LPG vs Petrol Engine

There are many other differences between these two engines except cost. These are as follow.

Difference between LPG vs Petrol Engine:


Petrol Engine

LPG Engine

Fuel Consumption in Petrol engine is less when compared to LPG.
Engine running on LPG results 10% increase in consumption compare to
petrol engine.
Petrol has odour or it smell badly.
LPG is odourless or it has no smell. But due to identified leakage Ethyl Mercaptan added in it which also smell badly.
Octane rating of petrol is 81.
Octane rating of LPG is 110 which is more than petrol, So there is less possibility of detonation.
Compare to LPG Engine, petrol engines are not smooth running.
Due to higher octane number less knocking LPG engines are running smoothly compare to petrol engines.
Lead is added in petrol engine to increase octane rating, which is harmful for environment.
LPG is lead free so it is ecofriendly.
When petrol passes over the oil rings, it washes out the lubricant film from the upper cylinder surface. It causes lack of lubricant which increases
wear and tear. So the life of petrol engine is less compare to LPG engine.
LPG does not wash out lubricant film, hence the life of LPG engine is increased by 50%.
It forms carbon deposit on the spark plugs, so the life of spark plug is shorter.
LPG does not deposits carbon on spark plug so the life of spark plug is more than petrol engine.
Carburetor is used to mix air fuel mixer in proper ratio in petrol engine.
Vaporizer used to mix air fuel in proper ratio in LPG engine. It reduce the LPG pressure, vaporize it and supply it according to engine requirement.


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