Difference between Fission and Fusion

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Today we will learn about difference between fission and fusion. Fission and Fusion both are nuclear reactions which are use to create huge amount of energy. Nuclear fission is the process that occurs when a Newton collides with the nucleus of certain of the heavy atoms, causing the original nucleus to split into two or more unequal fragments which carry off most of the energy of fission as kinetic energy.
Difference between fission and fusion
Nuclear fusion is the process of combining or fusing two lighter nuclei into a stable and heavier nuclide. In this case also large amount of energy is released because mass of the product nucleus is less than the masses of the two nuclei which are fused.

Both fission and fusion are used to create energy. There are many differences between them which are as follow.

Difference between Fission and Fusion:




When heavy and unstable nuclear is bombarded with neutrons, the nucleus splits into fragments of equal mass and energy is released.
Some light element fuse together with release of energy is known as fusion.
Nuclear reaction residual problem is great.
In fusion residual problem is much less.
Fission involve more amount of radioactive material in fission reactor.
Fusion has a possible advantage is that the total amount of radioactive material in a working fusion reactor is likely be very much less that that in a fission reactor.
It has higher risk of health hazarded in case of accident.
Because of lesser radioactive material than fission, health hazards are much less.
About one thousandth of the mass is converted into energy.
It is possible to have four thousandths of mass converted into energy.
It is possible to construct self sustained fission reactors and have positive energy released.
It is extremely difficult to construct controlled fusion reactors.
Fission can obtain manageable temperature.
It involves unmanageable temperature like 30 million degrees for fusion process.
Raw fissionable material is not available in plenty.
Reserves of deuterium, the fusion element, are available in great quantity.


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