Engineering Material

high-level self-lubricating Bearing

Bushing MFG: A Complete Solution for High level Self-Lubricating Bearing

Self-lubricating bushings are utilized when the bearing must run without lubricant or with a minimal amount of lubricant. When this film comes into direct contact with the moving parts, it protects and lubricates the mating components, extending the bearing’s service life and increasing its reliability. Zhejiang Bushing MFG Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 to …

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Different Types of Cutting Fluids

In metalworking processes, several components are required such as machine tool, raw materials and proper cutting tools. For the proper cutting operation cutting fluid plays an important role. Cutting fluid is a type of coolant having lubricating properties as well which is used in almost all the metalworking processes during different machining operations such as …

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Classification of Engineering Materials

Engineering Materials are nothing but a matter of substance used to create a certain thing. Engineering material are the materials used for the application of engineering works. Based on the mechanical, physical, chemical and manufacturing properties materials are selected according to the application. Mechanical properties of the materials are strength (compressive or tensile), toughness, stiffness, …

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