What is Jio Glass?

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In this pandemic COVID 19, worldwide industries are suffering to survive as the pandemic hit them badly. It was very fascinating to hear the news about that the Jio glass has been showcase in their 43rd Annual General Meeting. If you’re thinking in the business and marketing point of view then it’s very important to understand why RIL (Reliance industry limited) has launched this Jio glass in this global pandemic situation, they could have launched something that is very much important in this pandemic like vaccine, ventilator, masks, PPE kits etc.

Almost all the company has their research and development department they work on the company’s plans and the try to showcase best they can do. It would have planned long ago because the similar products were launched by Google then named was Google glass. When I read the news about Jio glass then came to know that it as important as the other products in this pandemic.

Reliance industries limited has stated that this new Jio glass is especially designed and prepared for teachers, students and the professional to the virtual 3D class room and the conference and meeting via the Jio mixed reality service in real time.

In this pandemic situation education industry suffered a lot, it could be life changing of the industry they way it is made.

At that annual general meeting event, the company has not reveal the price of the Jio glass but they have shown the demo of the gadget.

jio glass

I was watching that demo, it so fascinating that it is going make large change the in the existing virtual tools that we are using as of now for teaching, conference and meeting. In that demo , president of Reliance industry made call to the Aakash and Isha and the whole meeting so impressive and engaging that we have never seen before almost it was like teacher taking class in class room and the students are sitting in front of the teacher.

President of RIL also said that “jio glass is at the cutting edge of technology that provides best in class mixed reality services to give users truly meaningful and immersive experience.
Last year in 2019 Annual General Meeting Jio had showcase a HoloBoard mixed reality headset that had similar features. The experts say that the Jio has taken forward the very same project.
Main features of the Jio glass are that it comes with the cable to connect with power and the smartphone and weight of the whole glass is just 75gram, it has also a 25 in built apps to allow augmented reality video classes, meeting and many more.

So far we have come across the word mixed reality or MR but the question is:

what is Mixed Reality?

If you are following the latest Technology invention and innovation then You me might have come across the word like augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.
Mixed reality is nothing but the extension of the augmented reality. This latest technology allows us to engage with both physical and virtual environment. To achieve the mixed reality or to build the environment for one should have an ecosystem of compatible Technologies such as headset, high definition imaging, and motion sensing etc.

In this Technologies, we can communicate with the physical world and the virtual world . As you would have seen the annual general meeting of reliance industries limited demo session.

We used to have the boundary between the virtual environment and the real environment this mixed reality Technologies has broken it make it to experience both simultaneously.

Top application of MR

Education industry
Engineering sector
Entertainment and

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