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What is Woodruff Key? Different Types of Woodfuff Key

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Woodruff key is one of the most famous, semi circular shaft key which is used to attach gear, pully, hubs, wheels or other component to rotating shaft. This key has flat bottom and semi circular shape. Its bottom circular part is hammered into the shaft and flat part is fixed into hub.

woodruff key

Crankshaft’s woodruff key has two main parts: the key itself and the hub, which is attached to the pulley. The hub has teeth that fit into grooves in the crankshaft pulley. Turning your ignition key causes a gear inside your ignition switch to turn as well. This makes a ratcheting sound as it turns over each time you start your engine.

The woodruff key holds everything together by keeping friction between these two moving pieces at just the right amount so they don’t come apart while spinning around quickly inside your car’s inner workings.

How are Woodruff Keys Made?

Woodruff keys are created from round wire stock by cutting them into specific lengths and machining them into the desired shape. Metal working lathes create the grooves and other features, such as locating slots and flats.

The round wire stock is first to cut into specific lengths using a band or rotary saw. These pieces are then fed through a milling machine that uses various bits to create different features on each piece of stock. For example, one bit might be used for creating grooves in one piece, while another would be used for creating flats on another part of the stock.

Woodruff Key Materials:

Woodruff keys are available in several different materials, each with its benefits and drawbacks:

Hardened Steel: The most common material for woodruff keys, hardened steel holds up well under high torque loads and is relatively inexpensive compared to other materials. It also has excellent wear resistance at high temperatures and will not chip or deform when used in moving parts.

Titanium: Titanium is lighter than hardened steel but can handle only half as much torque as hardened steel before failing. It’s often used in aerospace applications where weight savings are critical since titanium is much lighter than hardened steel. It’s also corrosion-resistant, so it doesn’t need to be painted or coated with protective liquids like other gearbox components.

Carbon Fiber Composite: Carbon fiber is the strongest, lightest, and most expensive material in golf clubs. The advantage of this material is that it can be molded into almost any shape and size.

How many Types Of Woodruff Keys?

There are three common types of woodruff key.

Full-radius woodruff keys:

Full-radius woodruff keys are one of the most common types of keys today. They have a tapered keyway that allows them to fit into a variety of different size shafts, but they have no flats or angles that can cause binding when inserted into the shaft. This makes them ideal for use with many different types of bearings and other components where you do not want a tight or sloppy fit.

full radius woodruff key

Flat bottom woodruff keys:

Flat-bottom woodruff keys are used for removing and replacing flat-bottom bushings, which are generally found on the front axle of a car. They can also be used on other parts that use this type of bushing, such as steering boxes, gearboxes, and transmissions. The flat bottom woodruff key features an open end with teeth that allows you to grip the shaft so you can turn it while keeping your hands away from sharp edges or moving parts. These keys come in various sizes depending on the application they’re being used for, with the number 1 key being the smallest size available.

flat bottom woodruff key

Hi‑Pro keys:

Hi‑Pro keys are made from high‑quality materials and craftsmanship. This means they’ll last longer and fit more precisely than other keys. They’re also made with a thicker shaft, which makes them less likely to bend or break.
Hi‑Pro keys have been used in the automotive industry for decades, but they’ve recently become more popular with homeowners because of their durability and quality. In addition to looking better than standard locksets, Hi‑Pro keys are more secure than traditional ones — as long as you have a deadbolt designed for use with a Hi-Pro keyway, you can’t open your lock without the key.

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Where Can You Buy a Woodruff key?

The best place to buy a Woodruff key is from an automotive supply store. Auto parts stores are convenient and often have good-quality tools. You can also try searching online for “woodruff key auto parts” or something similar.

If you can’t find a woodruff key at your local auto parts store, search online for “woodruff key auto parts.”

How to Install a Woodruff Key?

To install a woodruff key, follow this procedure.

  • Press the key into the groove in the shaft. Place the top flat portion of the key parallel to the shaft.
  • Woodruff keys can sometimes slip out of their grooves when pressed on. This can make installation challenging. Keeping a Woodruff Key In Place.
  • When installing a mating component, ensure the woodruff key is situated tightly in its seat. Woodruff keys must be fitted into their seats with a press fit.
  • Hammer the flat face of the key lightly with a hammer or mallet until it is seated firmly in the lock.
  • The key will protrude out above the surface of the mating shaft to lock the mating hub or gear. If the key still falls out during component installation, you may have too large of a key for your application.

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