How to Use an Angle Grinder Safely for Cutting and Grinding?

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ANDAs a homeowner and a person who loves to DIY, I love having my angle grinder around as it can do a lot of things. It’s super versatile; I can use it to grind, polish, and even sharpen various materials.

You can also use it to cut various materials. As long as you have the right cutting wheel, you’ll be able to cut asphalt with angle grinder. You can also use the tool to cut various metals.

However, safety is one of the main concerns with all types of tools. Since you’ll use the angle grinder to cut and grind different materials, you need to put safety as your top priority because accidents could happen if you’re not careful enough.

So, how can you cut and grind safely? This article will answer it for you.

6 ways to Use an Angle Grinder Safely


1. Ensure Your Workstation is Safe:

When working with your angle grinder, ensure your work environment is safe. A trip or fall can inflict damage and severe injuries; the sparks and debris could also ignite combustible materials, resulting in fire.

The first thing you need to do is to declutter your workstation. You must ensure that other tools, cables, and more are organized. In the case of flammable materials, we recommend placing them in a safe area where sparks don’t reach them.

You also need to install proper lighting  should never work in a dark place or without much lighting. You could hit other things when grinding or cutting when it’s a little dark. If your workroom isn’t bright enough, there are many ways to brighten the room.

2. Wear Protective Gear

When it comes to safety, wearing protective equipment is crucial. Even though you are confident with handling angle grinders, it’s best to have protection. It can prevent a lot of severe situations.

Since you’ll be using your grinder to grind and cut, there will be debris and sparks. This means these things could hit your face and body anytime.

Wearing protective glasses can protect your eyes; however, we recommend wearing a full face shield as it gives additional protection on your head.

You should also use earmuffs to block the noise from the grinder. Wearing gloves is also necessary as they prevent your hands from directly touching the device. It could also help you not to drop the tool.

Aside from this protective gear, it’s much better to wear long sleeves to cover your arms from debris and sparks.

3. Check Your Grinder’s Condition

Angle grinders are just like any other thing. They should be maintained regularly to ensure that they function efficiently. When it isn’t in good condition (including the discs), it won’t just give you poor results, but it can result in accidents.

Make sure that its cables are attached securely. The wires shouldn’t be exposed. If the cable has cuts, it’s best to mend it before using it.

You should also check if all the components are functioning correctly. For instance, you can check if the guard’s primary function is still effective. It should be able to protect you from sparks.

Ensure that the side handle is tight enough. This will allow you to hold your angle grinder more efficiently.

4. Choose the Right Disc

An angle grinder becomes versatile because of the wheels you attach to it. You can get the best results with the correct disc.

However, remember to use a different disc for all jobs. If you’re going to cut metal, you should use an abrasive disc. On the other hand, if you’d use it to cut masonry, it’s best to go for a disc made for that material.

This is the same thing when it comes to grinding. Your grinding disc should only be used for grinding as it can’t handle the pressure from cutting.

Along with the type of disc, its size also matters. Although larger discs are more durable, they aren’t designed for small jobs and thin metals.

5. Apply Precaution Techniques

There are a lot of precautionary techniques you can use, and we can’t probably cover them all. However, we’ll try to focus more on the most neglected ones.

The first thing you need to practice is your alertness. You should always be ready for any unexpected things that could happen while working with your angle grinder.

Never use your grinder over your head. If you’re going to use the grinder in a high place, it’s best to bring the item down and work with it. If it isn’t possible, use a ladder. Angle grinders are heavy, and if they slip on your hands while working, it could lead to fatal injury.

You should also avoid using the grinder if you’re tired. As mentioned, it’s heavy, so you need to hold it properly and keep your focus.

6. Grind and Cut Safely!

Similar to any other power tool, safety is an important factor. Whenever you use an angle grinder, make sure that you are using it safely to avoid accidents, which could result in fatal injuries and damage to your property.

Follow the tips above to promote safety and secure usage. Not only will you be safe, but you will also enhance your skills when using it.

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