What is a bollard? What is the purpose of bollard?

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A bollard is a short post which is widely used to generate a protective or architectural perimeter. When a bollard is installed principally as a visual guide, it helps to pilot traffic and also, mark boundaries.

As architectural elements, bollards are available in a wide range of shapes and styles to emphasize themselves or even visually stand out in their settings. Bollards can also be constructed with the aim to physically block vehicle incursion, protect property and people.

Decorative elements or landscape complements may be included in these posts, but resistance to impact forces is their primary consideration. Depending on the purpose of the bollard, the material can be almost any, but metal, stone, cement, or plastic are the most popular.

The term “bollards” was first mentioned in the Oxford English Dictionary in the year 1844. It was described as a post which is used to attach a maritime vessel’s mooring line. The term is most likely derived from the word “bole,” meaning tree trunk. Posts used to guide pedestrians and vehicles have been included in the term over time.

The term bollard is only two centuries old, but they have existed for thousands of years. It is believed that the first stone posts were carved during the Roman empire and used as tethers for buildings and milestones along roadsides.

What is a bollard? What is the purpose of bollard?

What is the usage of Bollard?

Bollards have, over a period of time, become an integral part of the modern landscape. Urban planners and architects utilize bollards in order to enhance landscape and architecture, manage pedestrian and vehicle traffic, light up pedestrian pathways, protect and secure buildings and people, and also provide bike parking. Smart facilities managers have nowadays started bringing the bollards indoors into big box retail,warehouses, and factories for the purpose of asset protection.


How Bollard is widely used?

1. Bollard for Garage:

A Garage Safety Bollard can be utilized both to safeguard high-priced equipment in garages and also other household areas. Since this bollard has a slightly smaller standing height when compared to traditional industrial bollards, this type of bollard guards the items at hand. This is done while employing a decreased amount of valuable floor space.

A black powder coat finish offers the unit with a smooth surface. Along with this, it also gives a sleek look which wouldn’t take away the feel of the ambiance of the room. Mounting holes are normally pre-drilled for the purpose of quick and easy installation to a variety of surfaces.


2. Bollard for Gas Meter:

Gas Meter Bollards are a useful means of safeguarding gas meters and other similar structures from damage. This helps save money and also reduces risk. Such bollards are appropriate for blocks of units,residential houses, and also commercial properties.

When heating equipment such as furnaces or boilers, oil tanks or water heaters are located in a garage or where a gas meter is located outdoors in such a location where the equipment could be struck by a vehicle, the equipment must be protected. A suitable barrier such as a bollard can prevent a car or truck pulling into a garage or parking lot from striking the gas meter.


3. Bollard for Water Heater:

For those people who have their water heater installed in the garage, a bollard helps protect it from a car.

A bollard water heater protection is a steel pole attached to the slab. It is installed there to sacrifice itself to protect the water heater. There would be number of times when the bollard will get bumped with the car. But, it mostly would not get impaired because it is filled with concrete. The bollard, will however, get scraped up and to make up for it, you can just paint the pole.


4. Bollard for Driveway:

Driveway bollards are popularly used on private land. The bollards are used as a means of giving additional security. Bollards, as security posts can be utilized in front of the garage and can also be positioned at the entrance to a driveway.

Furthermore, by giving a visual and physical presence, while still granting pedestrian access, bollards not only help to prevent theft, but they can also discourage rogue parking. Most homeowners who get driveway bollards installed, do so because they do feel that their property or car is insecure.


5. Bollard for Parking Space:

Parking lot bollards and barriers are items used to segregate areas of a parking lot in order to keep shoppers, pedestrians, and motorists safe. Parking space bollards provide pedestrians a vehicle-free safe area to walk; guide drivers away from pedestrian areas and safeguard cars from impair. They safeguard structures such as storefronts, parking offices,buildings, and green spaces from drivers crashing into them.


6. Bollard for Fire Hydrant:

Fire hydrant bollards are made from steel and then powder-coated in a hi-vis yellow paint.This type of bollards is suitable for safeguarding indoor and outdoor environments against factory traffic and vehicle impacts. As a result, they provide protection to your property and equipment. It also creates safe zones for pedestrians.  Moreover, it secures the areas that are exposed to dangerous factory traffic and vehicle impacts.

  • What is the purpose of a bollard?

A bollard is basically a short post which is used to create a protective or architectural perimeter. They are primarily installed as a visual guide, hence they can be used to guide traffic and also mark boundaries.


  • Why are bollards so strong?

Bollards are typically made from rubber or synthetic plastic which is stiff and strong on its own. However, they are pliable under the weight of a truck or car. Hence, when struck, flexible bollards give way to some extent and reduce the damage that cause to vehicles and surrounding surfaces. They then return to their original position.


  • Can bollards be imported/exported?

Yes. For instance: Eminent Overseas is a bollard manufacturer in India. They provide world-wide delivery of bollards. They supply to many countries like UAE and Singapore.


Ending Note

Eminent Overseas are the bollard manufacturers in India. They manufacture different kind of bollards such as Below Ground Surface Bollard, Surface Mounted Bollard and Removable Bollard. The company provides world-wide delivery, provides installation on site and provides best prices. Eminent Overseas is one of the few companies in India who are involved in creating products that aid to the betterment of the visually impaired in the country.

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