Automatic vs Manual Car : Which Car to Buy?

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We all love to drive cars but when we make our mind to buy one, a common question arise in our mind that which one?  Manual or Automatic!

A time ago there were not so many options of automatic cars but now days almost all car manufactures launches automatic version of their every variant. So we all got confused after hear this question Manual vs Automatic! Which is batter?

In this new era people are moving towards automatic cars due to its easy driving experience, mostly these cars are more popular in US, UK and other developed nations but it doesn’t mean that era of manual cars  is vanished. Both of these variant have their own pros and cons. Today here we are going to compare both of these cars on some aspect according to this you can decide which one is better of you.

Hope you enjoy this comparison.

Driving Difficulty:

An automatic car wins clearly according to this parameter. An automatic version of car has only two paddles setup instead of its competitor has three paddles setup which make this car to drive easily. One paddle is for accelerator and other one is for brake hence it is as simple as to drive a scooty.  The clutch paddle is not there so the driver does not need to press the clutch every time to shift the gear. This provides you a hassle free and comfortable journey experience without headache of clutch and gear shifting. This is best suited when your primary need to drive your car in crowded city area where you encounter regular traffic jam.

This is one side of the page but the other side in automatic version control of your car is not properly in your hand. We will discuss this parameter later.

Driving Experience:

As we know that automatic cars are free from clutch paddle and gear shifting lever, so the control of this car is not fully in your hand. You depend on automatic mechanism and electronic sensors to increase your car’s torque and speed. Now days some of automatic cars offer you manual gear shifting but this can’t be compare with manual cars due to absence of clutch paddle. Other side in manual version you can press clutch paddle anytime and change the gear ratio according to your choice. This makes you feel batter and provide a funny driving experience. So if you want a thrilling driving experience and enjoy driving you should blindly follow the manual cars.

Service Cost:

When you go for buy a car, you defiantly think about annual service cost and maintenance cost. Sometimes this parameter can change our decision so we cannot neglect it when we compare automatic or manual car.

As we know an automatic version is more complex compare to its manual counter parts. It has more components, complex system and loaded with electronic sensors. So the service cost is also high in this version. Sometimes you struggle to find a trained mechanic specially when your car breakdown in remote area. It is also complex to reconstruct a automatic engine compare to its counter manual one.

These all parameters indicate you go with a manual one if your primary need to drive in remote location frequently but if you drive your car in remote area occasionally, you can go with both automatic and manual one according to your choice.


One of the important parameter to select a car is mileage. Yes I know this parameter is not so much important for everyone but all of us select a higher mileage car without sacrificing other parameters. So this can become a crucial game changer.

If we talk about old automatic cars the mileage of these cars are slightly less than its competitor manual one but as the science progresses now days there is negligible difference between mileages of both of these cars.  Some of the duel clutch fitted automatic version has more mileage than there competitor manual one. But all of these things depend on your driving. This mean mileages are remain almost constant irrespective of their version but we can say manual version has slightly lead due to proper control on transmission and speed.


Cost is an important parameter and the manual version lead this race completely. An automatic car has complex counterparts than manual one and these are costly too. There are huge networks of electronic sensors, which make it costlier but it also make your car more premium and smart. So if you have a strict budget and want a economical car you should go with manual one but if budget is not a big issue for you, you can go with automatic version.


No doubt automatic car has higher initial and service cost, so its insurance is costlier too. The renewal cost of insurance is also higher side compare to manual one. This is because the automatic version is highly prone to damage compare to its counterpart manual one due to complex mechatronics and electronic sensors system. These cars are also not easily repairable and you can find difficulty to find a proper technician. These all reasons make its insurance cost slightly higher than its counter one.

Automatic vs Manual Cars:

Sr. No.
Automatic  Cars
Manual Cars
   1. The basic difference in automatic cars gear ratio changes automatically by use of CVT or other arrangement. In manual version you shift the lever to change the gear ratio manually.
   2. These cars are more expensive that its manual version. Manual cars are less expensive and easy to drive.
   3. High maintenance cost and trained mechanic is required. Manual cars require low maintenance.
   4. Old automatic car’s mileage is little less than its competitor. Manual cars give more millage but all is depend on driver experience.
   5. The life of automatic transmission is less than manual transmission. Manual transmission works thousands of kilometer without any problem.
   6. Automatic versions are easy to drive specially in traffic condition. These cars need special effort for driving and if you are a newbie, you faces many difficulties to drive.
   7. No doubt, automatic version provides luxury experience. Manual transmissions are less luxury.
   8. These cars have better ability to control traction so it is easier to drive in climbing situation. Manual transmission cars are difficult to drive to use on climbing hills.
   9. You are not responsible for changing gear ratio so its acceleration is quite low. Manual transmission improves the acceleration of the car which gives more fun to driver.
 10. These cars have only two paddle; acceleration and brake. Manual transmission cars have three paddle; clutch, brake and acceleration which are quite hard to operate.
The Bottom Line:

Car buying is a typical task and it is hard to take decision when you put your hard working earned money. I hope this article will help you for taking right decision according to your choice. If you have any query, ask us by commenting.

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