What is Gyroscope?

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Today we will learn about gyroscope and it’s basic concept. The Gyroscope is not a particular device. It is an effect that we get to see in mechanical devices that we call gyroscopic effect. All the mechanical devices in which we get to see this gyroscopic effect are called gyroscopes.

It is that mechanical device which uses earth’s gravity to help determine orientation. Mainly, a regular kind of gyroscope is made by suspending a generally enormous disc/rotor inside three rings called gimbals and it is used for maintaining or measuring orientation and angular velocity. It is a wheel or disk mounted to spin about an axis and free to rotate about any orientation by itself, while rotating the gyroscope the orientation of this axis is unaffected by tilting or rotation of mounting, so it is can be used to provide stability for various different purposes.

Gyroscopic effect:

Whenever a gyroscope device rotates around any axis, then it keeps rotating around the same axis, and If there is an attempt to disturb or change its axis of rotation, then it opposes the change and makes every effort to come to its original state by applying a reactive force.

Technical definition:

If someone tries to change the position of an axis of rotation of any gyroscopic device then an angular acceleration is generated due to which a resist torque get generated which resist to any change in the direction of orientation of an axis, and it helps to regain its initial position.

If you are having any trouble in understanding the technical definition,  do not worry, without any technical definition, you can easily understand Gyroscope.


Its principle is based on conservation of angular momentum and inertia. Gyroscope can be extremely bewildering objects since they move in exceptional ways and even appear to resist gravity, but there is a physics concept ve(torque) behind this.

Uses of gyroscope:

There are a lot of uses of Gyroscope devices.

  • It is used for smartphone phone censors which helps in auto rotating the screen view as per our requirements. The gyroscope uses the earth’s gravity to help determine orientation.
  • Gyrocompass has been used for a long time in ships and gyroscope is a very important part of it. It is used to know the exact geographical location of the ship.
  • It is used in cars, satellites, aircraft and many other devices. It is being used extensively in toys today.


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