Different Types of Tools used for Automobile Workshop

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This article provide you the list of all major tools used for automobile workshop. A good automobile shop should have all types of fault finding and service related tools which make easy to work. We also suggest to all automobiles lovers who have their personal Garage for their own automobiles, to buy all of these tool which make you free to work with your bikes and cars. The following is a list of tools and equipment which must in a automobile shop or service center.

Different Types of Tools used in Automobile Workshop

  1. Screw Drivers
  2. Spanners and wrenches
  3. Hammers
  4. Files
  5. Cleaning Tools
  6. Taps and Dies
  7. Pliers
  8. Chisels
  9. Hacksaw
  10. Tools and Tubes
  11. Drilling Machine
  12. Soldering Tools
  13. Bench Vice
  14. Chain Pulley block
  15. Creeper
  16. Battery testing and charging equipment
  17. Reamers
  18. Grinder
  19. Measuring Tools
  20. Lifting Jacks and axle stands
  21. Lubricating Equipment
  22. Electric Equipment
  23. Hydraulic lift or service ramp
  24. Tools for tires
  25. Tyre Remover
  26. Wheel balancing equipment
  27. Brake testing equipment
  28. High pressure washing equipment
  29. Engine analyzer
  30. Piston ring compressor
  31. Ring remover
  32. Ring Filing Tool
  33. Cylinder Reboring Machine
  34. Valve Refacing Machine
  35. Chassis Alignment tools
  36. Chassis Dynamometer
  37. Connecting Rod alignment Machine
  38. Fuel Injector Tester
  39. Fire Extinguisher
  40. Air Compressor and Pressure Gauge
  41. High Pressure washing equipment
  42. Hydraulic Press and Arbor Press
  43. Ring Remover
  44. Piston Groove Cleaner
  45. Cylinder Honing Machine
  46. Valve Seat Grinding Equipment
  47. Spark Plug Testing and Cleaning Machine
  48. Steering Geometry and Alignment Gauges
  49. Nozzle Testing and Cleaning Equipment
  50. Center Lathe
  51. Electric Welding
  52. Workshop Manual

I hope this list of tools will help you to establish your own automobile workshop. If you find any equipment missing, let us know through commenting. We will add it in the list. Thanks for reading.

Sharing is Caring :)-

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