Career Opportunity after Mechanical Engineering

Career Opportunity after Mechanical Engineering

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The first engineers were mechanical engineers, who created various mechanisms and machines whose operation was based on the physical laws of mechanics.

A mechanical engineer is a specialist who is engaged in the design, construction and operation of mechanical equipment and machinery in various fields of production and national economy.

Career Opportunity after Mechanical Engineering
The profession of mechanical engineer is considered a universal one. Representatives of this profession are involved in the production of material goods in all sectors of the national economy – from the production of household goods and foodstuffs to electronic equipment and space rockets. A basic engineering education and work experience make it easy to navigate the ever-evolving world of technology.

A mechanical engineer is a specialist who is fluent in modern equipment and technology, resourcefully uses engineering methods in solving mechanical problems, knows economics and organization of production of the industry in which they works.


A mechanical engineer can develop a career horizontally, mastering different areas of the profession: from operation to production and design of machinery and equipment. There is another career option: in an administrative, vertical direction. Further growth is possible up to the position of workshop manager and chief engineer of the enterprise, if the specialist shows initiative, improves qualification, and develops managerial and managerial skills. It is possible to work in external supervising organizations, performing expert control. The mechanical engineer can be engaged in research work at the research institute, defend a thesis, and receive a scientific degree. A mechanical engineer with commercial abilities can open their own business if they have their own developments of new types of products.


A mechanical engineer's salary depends on his or her qualifications and experience, as well as his or her field of work. Typically, mechanical engineers earn the highest salaries in the automotive and aviation industries, as well as in large industrial plants. According to BLS, employment of mechanical engineers is projected to grow 4 percent over the next ten years, as fast as the average for all occupations. So, here are the types of mechanical engineering jobs and their salaries. For these jobs, you can expect to work full time or 40 hours a week.


In this sector, it is expected to manufacture heavy machines such as printing machines, laser marking machines and many more similar. The processes involved in the manufacture of this machine are welding, bending, forming shapes of different pieces of metal. The average annual salary for this mechanical engineering job is $82,819.


Automation engineers design, test, program, and maintain the machine or system. They work closely with clients to understand the process or task being automated. Automation engineers must stay up-to-date on health and safety regulations, including sanitation and the proximity of automated systems to people. The annual salary for this job is $90,024.


A controls engineer is needed in the automotive industry to design automobiles. In addition, they design new ways to use energy to improve new products. They also develop maintenance and testing procedures for components. Furthermore, his annual salary is $62,098.


Research and development engineers create new manufacturing methods and products. They also improve existing systems to increase productivity, safety and efficiency. Additionally, they create conceptual designs, test prototypes, and help bring new methods and products to market. They must always be innovative and analytical to recognize problems and find solutions. The median annual salary for this set of mechanical engineers is approximately $92,781.


These computer and electronic product manufacturing engineers oversee the manufacture of components for computer peripherals and similar products. On the other hand, these components are transformed into other products such as toys, cars and household appliances. The annual salary is $93,070.


Project engineers make sure projects meet deadlines and stay on budget. In addition, they ensure that there is effective communication between staff members. Acting as liaison officer, they ensure the accuracy of financial forecasts, which are linked to project schedules. The median annual salary for this type of mechanical engineering job is $71,489.


These mechanical engineers use existing plastics, metals, and other materials to create new materials that can be used for specific products. They spend a lot of time designing and testing products, this is due to the practical experience that mechanical engineers are primarily endowed with. Therefore, they must be up to date with industry standards.

The annual salary is $91,310.


Mechanical engineering has proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be a course worth studying and has created more job opportunities for mechanical engineers of different specializations.

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