best camper van

Best Camper Vans for Your Next Road Trips

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best camper van

The authentic way of travelling without the idea of commercial air travel or luxury hotels is to experience van life at least once in your lifetime. With travelling becoming easier, affordable and accessible, it has also begun to lose the meaning of earlier travels. Authentic travel entails engaging and meaningful experiences that transform you to get closer to knowing yourself and your companions better as time passes.

Road trips in camper vans are the closest way to immerse yourself in a genuine travel experience that unfortunately becomes lost to us in the midst of transit flights and hotel guides. Immersing yourself in culture and nature- and without a plan or two is an experience that can alter the way travelling can change you for the better.

Whether solo or with your family, a camping van trip is the best summer plan you can start working on today. Amongst luxury recreational vehicles, camper vans are the smallest, cheapest and coolest modes of going on a tour across the country or the continent. A trip across Europe in your van might have seemed like a distant dream, but it’s not that unattainable in reality. Many people continue to experience the nomadic thrill of packing their suitcases and diving into that camping van life when the mundane becomes too much to deal with.

Camper Vans Trips – Why and How?

The best part about travelling in a camper van is you get your own space in the remotest of destinations, from lakes to waterfalls or small quaint towns, with your comfort level. A bed of your own, a mini kitchen to whip up quick, cheap and easy meals that make your travel budget-friendly as well as a fridge/cooler to store all your drinks and beers.

By saving great money on transport and accommodation, van life travelling allows you to experience adventures. Van travelling is the perfect escapade you can plan for yourself if you’ve always wanted to experience how old road travel felt. You will also experience sleeping under the stars or waking up to a new sunrise every day. Although it may sound daunting and scary, renting or buying your own camper van and going on that adventurous journey can become one of the most memorable trips of your lifetime.

Camper Vans – Which One to Choose?

best camper van

VW Transporter

Choosing a good camper van will mostly depend on your journey itself. If your plan is a short summer trip around your state or country, then a smaller camper van will be a good option. Cosy, cheap and reliable, with all the essentials you’ll need, a camper van such as the VW transporter is a good option.

VW transporter is the most budget-friendly and easy to navigate through the camper van for beginners. It is a little bit bigger than a seven-seater car, which means it is easy to get used to for people who haven’t driven a van before.

VW transporter is a trusted brand of transportation with reliability and guarantees that it won’t break down on your long road trips. You can make several additions to the van as well, such as adding a pop top so you can stand inside the van and make more beds for your extra family members or pets. Additionally, you can add your favorite gadgets like the Bose speakers and blast your favorite country music as you ride along.

LWB Sprinter

For long-term travelers, especially those who have decided to embark on a trip across Europe or Southeast Asia but to explore at their own ease and leisure, the LWB Sprinter van is the best option to go with. This van is known for its spacious features, allowing long-term travel to be comfortable and homely. Furthermore, it allows you to customize your space by making all the possible additions, such as mini cupboards, a rooftop stand, and more that you may need for your epic road trip expedition.

Alternatively, if you plan to go off-grid in the remotest areas of New Zealand, Iceland or Alaska, you can fix the solar panels to your roof of the LWB Sprinter, alongside an underslung water container and portable waste store, and you’re good to go. You can also attach waterproof vlogging cameras with 360 camera view on the rooftop and capture your incredible road trip journeys across various landscapes and glaciers.

best camper van

Volkswagen T6.1 California

The classic Volkswagen remains at the top of the list for a truly modernized van experience with excellent customer satisfaction. The Volkswagen T6.1 California model comes with a touchscreen control system for all your camper functions, including popping the top, managing the heater, and the cooler buttons, cabin lighting, refrigerator, timer, and alarms. This van is the best option for a truly luxurious journey while on the road.

T6 Volkswagen also comes with folding tables, an awning and a rear bench seat that can be changed into a bed for extra accommodations. You can also set up a resting space on the roof for those starry nights when you camp out. Although this van is a bit expensive, it is much preferred for its features and mileage. The best thing you can do is camp out on the roof of this van while you can capture your surrounding with a DJI drone in the sky.

Airstream 2020 Atlas RV

The Airstream 2020 Atlas RV is a good option for a beach camping trip as the most comfortable van for family trips. It comes with a bathroom, kitchen area, couch and most importantly- entertainment options. A 40-inch Samsung LED Smart TV is fitted inside the van with a sound bar and more for those cosy camp night movies with your loved ones. The kitchen is also equipped with multiple gadgets for making tasty beach snacks and campfire desserts.

Furthermore, with a gas stove, proper sink, microwave, refrigerator, pantry and small cupboards, it also feels like a mini farmhouse inside this luxurious camping van. This van is perfect for those trips where you want to enjoy the slow sunsets and sunny afternoon days as you park it alongside the lake and use its electronically powered awning for sitting and relaxing.

Hence, these are some recommended camper vans to look into as you plan your next great road trip adventure. So, which one do you prefer?

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