AutoCAD TUTORIAL: Chapter 2 Drawing tools > Polyline command

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AutoCAD has a wide library of commands. There are many commands which used to drawing any type of drawing. Today i am going to tell you about various method to drawing polyline in AutoCAD.


Short key: PL
Polyline is a connected sequence of line segments
created as a single object. You can create straight line, arc, or a combination of the both by using polyline.
Multisegmented lines provide editing capabilities
unavailable for single lines. I For example, you can adjust their width and
curvature and also create offset by making polyline but you can’t do it in multisegmented lines. 
Select polyline by short key PL or by drawing toolbar.
Now use polyline as the line command which you have learned
in previous article.
Press Esc to come out from the command.
If you want to generate arc polyline then after selecting
polyline press A enter to select arc option and after making arc press L to
select line.

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