Boiler vs Furnace: Which is Better?

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Today we will discuss about boiler vs furnace. In most of contraries, every house is equipped with one of these two units for heating purpose. Both of these systems are used to heat a house in cold weather or whenever they need. The furnace is an air heating system in which air is preheated by passing over a hot coil and these heated air supply to the whole house through duct. This heated air keeps the house warm. On the other hand the boiler is water heating system in which water is preheated through the fuel and this heated water supply to the radiator situated in every room through pipes. The heat is supplied to the room from radiator through radiation and convection.Now we compare both of these systems.


Boiler vs Furnace:

S. No.
Boiler is a water heating system. It uses hot water pipes which passes heat the radiator of every room.
Furnace is an air heating system. It uses ductwork to passes air throughout the room.
Boilers provide greater temperature control through the house. We can maintain different room at different temperature through control the
supply of hot water to radiator.
It does not allow to control the temperature of each room separately. It heats the house uniformly.
It maintains the humidity level of house.
It supplies dry air to house which cause increase dryness of environment. It needs a humidifier to maintain humidity level.
It does not circulate any impurity with air.
It circulates impurity like dust etc. with the air blowing through duct. It needs an air filter to maintain the air clean.
It has efficiency of about 80 to 95 percent.
It has efficiency of about 75 to 90 percent.


After this discussion I suggest boiler is better if you want clean environment and you have enough money to maintain it. But now days many furnaces are also available that provide clean dust free air with pre-install humidifier. It will also a better option.

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