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What are Printed Circuit Board? How Rogers PCB are different?

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In this article we are going to discuss about PCB printed circuit board and also we will discuss about Rogers PCB. Hope you enjoy this article.


What is PCB Printed Circuit Board?

Starting with a generic and brief insight into printed circuit boards. A printed circuit board generally referred to as PCB is a particular board containing electrical pathways in the form of thin layers of coppers and is used to serve as a linkage between different electrical components. It has a vast variety of applications in electrical engineering and electronics as well. Moreover, there are numerous types of printed circuit boards. They can be multi-layered, single or double-sided, and flexible or rigid PCB. Each of these printed circuit boards tends to serve some particular and exceptional functionalities aside from the primary functions of the PCB. For example, the flexible printed circuit board is quite famous because of its flexibility.

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All the materials used in the manufacturing of this PCBs are preferred to contain the properties of “flexibility”. Because of such attributes, it can be molded in any of your desired shapes and length, and then the desired electrical components are attached to it. Because of this remarkableness, the flexible printed circuit board is widely used in the military sector as well. Contrary to it, the rigid printed circuit board as the name indicates contains a rigid base layer because of which it remains in its particular shape throughout and cannot be changed or altered. Unlike the flexible printed circuit board, the rigid printed circuit board is fully functional as it comes with attached electrical equipment.

printed circuit board
Functionalities and features of Rogers PCB:

Moving on further, let us shed some light on the different aspects of rogers printed circuit board commonly known as the Rogers PCB. Going by the name, this particular kind of printed circuit board is specifically manufactured by Rogers Corporation. Rogers Corporation has been a well-defined brand that specializes in providing manufacturers with laminate materials that are used in the manufacturing of high-quality printed circuit boards. They have been quite successful in creating and acquiring a distinctive image in the minds of their customers by providing them with high-quality raw materials for printed circuit boards and their excellence in printed circuit boards. The Rogers printed circuit board is a very specific kind of PCB that is completely different from the regular PCBs.

Rogers PCBs are high-frequency-printed circuit boards and that is some of the major attributes that distinguish them from other PCBs. Instead of the regular glass fiber, the Rogers printed circuit boards contain a ceramic base which is the key ingredient for the high-frequency attribute. Rogers PCBs are considered far more effective and efficient having high-temperature stability and dielectric constant. For the manufacturing of these printed circuit boards, Roger Corporation uses its raw materials. The raw materials used in the Roger PCBs are considered the best ones because of their glass transition temperature that ranges up to 280 C. Besides that these raw materials also have a lower degree of moisture absorption which makes them the very best for uncertain and exceptional events. This ultimately makes the Rogers Printed Circuit Boards a very good fit for aerospace and military applications.

Advantages of Rogers PCB:

In addition to all these, the Rogers PCBs are considered way more advantageous as compared to other types of printed circuit boards. Starting from the very beginning as

  • The raw materials are completely used by Rogers Corporation themselves,
  • They are highly cost-efficient as they drastically contribute towards reducing the manufacturing cost.
  • They possess a higher temperature range as highlighted above, and also superior thermal capacity. It adds additional value to their overall remarkableness and effectiveness.
  • The dielectric constant loss is also reduced to a lower value in these PCBs.
  • All of these above-mentioned distinctive features make it quite evident how efficient are the Rogers printed circuit boards.

In this article we have discussed about PCB printed circuit board and also feature about its major producer Roger PCB. All of these information are based on survey and public opinion.

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