What is mean by Engine CC?

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Hello Friends, I think all of you have heard the term Engine CC when you deal with any automobile. Sometimes you heard that this bike is 100 CC or this one is 200 CC.
Do you know the real meaning of it or how the CC affects any engine performance?
I think most of us are unaware or a little aware about this term. Don’t worry in this article we will try to discuss this term complete with its effect on performance of any automobile.
Lets start with its full form; CC stands for CUBIC CENTIMETERS.

As we know Cubic Centimeter is unit of volume so the term CC is used to describe the capacity of engine. The volume displaced by the piston or in simple term  volume of an engine cylinder is known as CC.

Suppose if a car have 1000 CC, it means it can displace 1000 cubic centimeter of volume (Mixture of fuel and air) in one crankshaft rotation. In more simplify form 1000 CC means the engine cylinder have dimension of 10*10*10 or 10*5*20 or may be other but the volume of every cylinder having capacity 1000CC is same.

CC in Engine

Keep in mind CC describe the total capacity of an engine it does not describe capacity of single cylinder.

For example When we talk about multi-cylinder engine or a 4 cylinder engine have capacity 1000 CC, it mean total engine capacity is 1000 cc or each cylinder contribute capacity of 250 cubic centimeter.

CC of an engine can be easily find out by following formula

V = π/4 x (D)² x H x N


V = Volume,

D = Bore Diameter,

H = Stroke Length,

N = No. of Cylinders

Effect of CC on Engine performance:

As we know CC is used to define engine capacity. If the engine capacity is high it means the power output of that engine is high. It can relate simply by more volume of air fuel enters into the cylinder and burn instantly so more power will generate.

When we talk about effect of CC on millage of an engine, it is quite difficult to estimate but we can say that the millage will decreases as increase in capacity of an engine. It depend on fact that the lower the fuel used to move crankshaft, higher the millage.

The engine capacity or CC is decided by the optimum value of both power and millage as per requirement.

If we need a truck for loading purpose, we make it more capacity because the higher capacity give higher power or torque.

But if we need a small vehicle mostly used in city area with one or two passenger capacity, we design it to give high millage.

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