Used Car Buying Tips and Guide

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Today we will discuss how to buy used car. There are many cars available in the market. We all want to buy a car which has all the features.  It is a big decision to buy a new car because it is very costly and most of us cannot afford it. So most of us divert toward the used car which is a best option when we want more feature in less cost. But buying a used car is a risky decision. There are lot of risk of condition of car, right cost of car, the seller loyalty etc. So you should aware to when buy a used car. Today I am going to tell you which thing are keep in mind when purchase a used car. I hope it is useful for buyer.


Decide your budget to spend:

When we talk about purchasing, first thing is to decide your budget. Your budget plays main role in buying car. No problem it is big or small but decide your budget to purchase right thing. When your budget is decide you look for the right choices available and can be compare effectively.

Consider the additional expressions:

When we purchase a car there are many expenses include like insurance, registration and other things which we want to replace like seat cover, battery etc. Before deciding the car we cannot decide these expenses so we calculate according to thumb rule. We take this expenses 10% of our budget. For example if our budget is 400000 than we keep 40000 for addition expenses and rest 360000 for buying the car.

Choose the appropriate Model:

When your budget is decided and you know how much you can spend for car, the next step is to find the best modal of car. For this first you decide the manufacturing year of car you can adjust. It means decide lowest manufacturing modal so you buy at least this or higher modal. This will filter your research. For example if I want to buy maximum 2 year old or higher modal so it will filter choices.

The next step is to list down of all manufacturers who make the car around 130% of your budget.  After listing manufactures, list down all model of this segment of two year. Now you compare the specs. of all model according technical , looking and according to market demand and select top three model from it. Now you have three models of car which have best feature according your budget. Now select one appropriate model from them by  communicate form your family members and friends.

Search for appropriate car:

Now you have decided your car model so the next step to find the vendors who deal with used car. The internet is the best option for it. There are many site like OLX, Quiker, CarDeko, Carwala etc. who deal with used car. Search your car on these sites. You have to also find local vendors who deals with used car and reliable. For checking its reliability ask him for its customer list and communicate with its customers so you can check its customers review. I also suggest asking for your friends and relative to search an individual seller. When you got five Quote make a comparison chart.

Inspection of car:

After getting quote, first thing is to inspect the car. Inspection is most important before buying the car. I suggest the most important point keep in mind while inspect the car.

1. Choose the newer used vehicle at first priority.

2. If it has a portion of manufacturing warranty and it is transferable take it as higher priority.

3. When buying used cars it is advisable to opt for certified pre-owned vehicles. These kinds of automotives give similar benefits just like new cars besides saving significant amount of money.

4. Inspect the accessories like AC, music system, seat cover, steering cover, tyre, odometer etc.

5. Check for signs of rust, dent or damage under the hood. Also check for cracks on the hoses and belts. Signs of wear and tear near the battery area would indicate poor maintenance. Lift the oil filler cap and check for any white foamy residue, which would indicate a leaking head gasket.

6. Ask for owner for service slip which ensure the maintenance of car.

7. Ask for test drive of car.

8. Inspect the chassis of car which indicate whether the car is accidental or not.

9. You want to make sure that the vehicle does not have a salvaged title, it was never reported stolen, it has not been in an accident etc

10. If  you like the car after all inspection, never say it to the seller. If he know he will not decreasing its price.

11. Match the engine no. and chassis no. with the mention in the registration certificates. 

Ensure about all paper work:

1. Check the registration certificate of car and match its registration no. with RTO witch ensure that the there are no issue of rights of car.
2. Check the original invoice which content engine and chassis no.
3. Ask for the sell letter from the seller.
4. Ask for Pollusion control certificate
5. Ask for the warranty certificate of car.

Negotiate the seller:

Now you inspect the car carefully and there is no defect in car and also fulfill your all conditions. This time is to negotiate the seller of its prices. Negotiate means ask to seller to decries the prices of it. For negotiating you can told that you does not like the car most and other techniques. Tell the seller about the minus points of the car. Ask your friend or relative to help you.

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