Automobile Engineering:

1. History of Automobile
2. Parts of IC Engine
3. Types of IC Engine
4. Engine Terminology
5. How does Four Stroke Engine Work?
6. How does Two Stroke Engine Work?
7. How Dual Fuel Engine Works?
8. How a Wankel Rotary Engine Works?
9. What is Clutch in Automobile?
10. Types of Clutch
11. What is Gearbox?
12. Types of Gearbox
13. Automatic Transmission : Principle and Working
14. Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) : Principle and Working
15. Function of Propeller Shaft,Universal Joint and Slip Joint in Automobile
16. What is Differential Gear in Automobile? How it works?
17. Rear axle and its Types
18. How Rocket Engine Works?
19. What is Suspension System in Automobile? How it Works?
20. Types of Suspension Springs
21. What is Shock Absorber in Automobile? Type of Shock Absorber
22. Difference Between Petrol Engine and Diesel Engine
23. Difference Between 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Engine
24. LPG or Petrol : Which fuel is Better
25. Difference Between Diesel Cycle and Otto Cycle
26. Used Car Buying Tips
27. Types of Brakes
28. Air Brake System : Principle and Working
29. Hydraulic Brake System : Principle and Working
30. What is Antilcok Braking System (ABS)
31. Car Air Conditioning System
32. Difference Between Supercharger and Turbocharger
33. Battery Ignition System : Principle and Working
34. Magneto Ignition System : Principle and Working
35. Difference between Battery Ignition System and Magneto Ignition System
36. Types of Nozzle in IC Engine
37. What is Engine Knocking? How to Fix It?
38. Analysis of Efficiency of Diesel and Petrol Engine
39. Air Standard Cycle and Its Assumption
40. Otto Cycle : Air Standard Analysis
41. Engine Testing Parameters
42. How Rocket Engine Works?
43. What is Transmission in a Car?
44. Difference between Automatic and Manual Transmission
45. Difference between Horsepower and Torque
46. Difference between Motor and Engine
47. Full Notes on Constant Mesh Gearbox
48. Electromagnetic Clutch
49. Centrifugal Clutch
50. Supercharger and Its Types (New)
51. Difference between Petrol and Diesel (New)
52. Synchromesh Gearbox (New)
53. Difference between Octane Number and Cetane Number (New)
54. Engine Air Filter (New)


Production Engineering:

Metal Cutting or Machining:

1. Difference Between Orthogonal and Oblique Cutting
2. Lathe Machine Main Parts, Operations and Working
3. Shaper Machine Main Parts, Operation and Working
4. Milling Machine : Main Parts and Working
5. Difference Between Up Milling and Down Milling
6. Types of Milling Machine
7. Differet Milling Machine Operation
8. Difference Between Shaper and Planeer
9. Types of Chips in Metal Cutting
10. Single Point Cutting Tool
11. Tool Wear : Flank Wear, Crater Wear and Nose Wear
12. Jigs and Fixtures : Working, Advantages and Differences
13. Non Traditional Machining Process : Requriment, Types, Advantages and Disadvantages
15. Electrical Discharge Machining
16. Electro Chemical Machining
17. Ultrasonic Machining
18. Abrasive Jet Machining
19. Laser Beam Machining
20. Electron Beam Machining`
21. Water Jet and Abrasive Water Jet Machining
22. Honing : A Super Finishing Process
23. Lapping : A Super Finishing Process
24.  Buffing : An Ideal Process of Car Finishing
25. Broaching Operation
26. Types of Milling Cutters (New)
27. Difference Between SAG Mill and Ball Mill (New)
28. Difference Between NC and CNC Machine (New)


1. What is Casting? (Full Notes)
2. Different Types of Pattern Used in Casting
3. Different Pattern Allowance
4. Types of Casting in Manufacturing
5. Casting Defect : Types, Causes and Remedies
6. Properties of Moulding Sand
7. Types of Moulding Sand
8. Centrifugal Casting
9. Investment Casting
10. Shell Moulding
11. Difference Between Forging vs Casting
12. Cupola Furnace (New)

Metal Forming Process:

1. What is Metal Forming Process?
2. Difference Between Hot Working and Cold Working
3. What is Forging? (Full Notes)
4. Forging Defect : Types, Causes and Remedies
5. Extrusion Process Full Notes
6. Rolling Process Full Notes
7. Types of Rolling Mill
8. Types of Drawing : Wire Drawing, Tube Drawing and Rod Drawing
9. Swaging Process Full Notes
10. Different Sheet Metal Cutting Operation
11. Different Sheet Metal Bending Operation
12. Deep Drawing Process
13. Powder Metallurgy Process with its Advantages and Disadvantages