Difference between Soldering and Brazing

Soldering and brazing both are metal joining process used in different joining conditions. These processes are more confusing to differentiate because both process use filler material and done below critical temperature. Today I am going to tell you difference between soldering and brazing so you can understand these processes clearly. The basic and main difference …

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Brazing vs Welding vs Soldering : Which is better?

Welding, Soldering and brazing are the most common joining process use in industries for joining same and different metal. Today we will learn about these processes and further we will compare welding vs soldering vs brazing. These all are joining processes but different process uses in different conditions. Welding is use in mechanical industries for jointing same …

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Types of Welding

Today we will discuss about welding and types of welding. Welding is a process of joining similar and dissimilar metals or other material by application of heat with or without application of pressure and addition of filler material. It is used as permanent fasteners. Welding is essential process of every manufacturing industries.  In fact, the …

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