Difference Between Welding and Brazing

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Today we will discuss about difference between welding and brazing. In my last post we have discussed about welding vs brazing vs brazingWe know that these both are jointing processes but used in different condition. The knowledge of both processes is required to better efficiency of joint. 

Difference Between Welding and Brazing

Welding and brazing denote the common joining processes used in metal industries. The main and basic difference between these two processes is that Welding used to join metal above the melting temperature but brazing use to join metal below the melting temperature. These process can be differentiate according to following aspect in tabular form.

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It is the jointing process in which both piece of work piece melted together with or without application of filler material
Brazing is the joining process in which work piece is heated below its melting temperature and the joint is made by use of filler material known as braze.
Temperature of welding is above the melting point of work piece. It is almost 3600oC


It is done much below the melting temperature which is almost 600oC.
The properties of base metal may change after joining.
The properties of base metals remain same after joining.
It forms strongest joint.
These joints are weaker than welding.
The use of filler metal is not compulsory in welding.
Filler metal is used compulsory in brazing.
The work piece must be clean before welding.
The work piece should clean but it is not compulsory.
It mostly used to join similar metals.
It is mostly use to join dissimilar metal.
It is best suitable to join large assembly.
It is best suited for join small assembly.
Welded joints can withstand with high temperature.
These joints cannot withstand with high temperature.


These are key difference between these two joining processes, welding and brazing. If you have any query regarding this article, ask by commenting. Thanks for reading it.

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5 thoughts on “Difference Between Welding and Brazing”

  1. Hi! Thanks for the table. I thought that cleanliness is more important in brazing than in welding since temperatures in welding are much higher and contaminants are dissolved, whereas due to lower temperature the contaminants may become part of the braze, so compromising the overall quality of the joint.
    Could you please clarify this point?

  2. In the welding, the contaminates dissolved due to higher temperature and make part of welding joint. This will change the properties of filler which make brittle and weak joint whereas in brazing process the working temperature is quite lower compare to welding so the contaminants does not dissolved in the base material thus cleaning is less applicable in it.
    Initial clearing is required in both processes for getting better surface finish and high quality joint.

  3. See the thing is cleanliness is important in both. In welding if the join is not clean then at elevated temperature poisonous gases like phosgene will be produced and is very harmful for welder

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